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Cetus Mini 2C

  • Cetus Mini 2C

A highly cost competitive LED recessed downlight and multiple light range for retail and interior application

  • Comprehensive LED beam angle options to suit different lighting application
  • 3-steps SDCM for color consistence
  • 30deg cut-off angle to minimize glare
  • Professional heatsink design to guarantee the lighting performance

Materials and Finish

Body: Aluminium
Reflector: High grade anodised Aluminium
Mounting bracket: Stainless steel with plastic cover
Bezel: Aluminium

Installation and Mounting

Recessed: Ceiling thickness is suggested to be 2-20mm. Cut out dimension for Cetus Mini 2C are Dia.75/100/150mm; for Cetus Mini 2C GB are 75x75/95x95/190x95/275x95mm based on different size of product; Push the mounting bracket on the Cetus Mini 2C and simply put the product into the cutting hole for easy installation.


To specify state:
Recessed mounted LED downlight optimised for efficient, energy saving high-output general lighting in retail and interior applications; passive cooling thanks to innovative thermal design with remoted LED driver; Colour rendering Ra > 80; colour temperature 3000K and 4000K, 3 different beam angles 15D, 24D, 38D; Chromaticity tolerance (initial MacAdam): 3; exeptional long lifetime performance Ta25° up to 50.000h for luminous flux at L70 of initial value; mains voltage: 220-240V/ 50/60Hz.

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