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Treo M/L/R

  • Treo M/L/R

A functional MH highbay luminaire suitable for a wide range of indoor mounting situations

  • Integral HPF control gear
  • Super imposed 3 wire ignitor
  • 100 degree metal can auto disconnect capacitor for added protection
  • Three reflector options: Medium, Large or Prismatic refractor
  • Die-cast aluminium gear box
  • 1.5m flex and 3 pin plug
  • Available in 250W or 400W HIE

Materials and Finish

Housing: die cast aluminium, painted dark grey.
Reflector: aluminium (Treo M/L) or acrylic prismatic (Treo R).
Suspension ring: steel.
Lens: glass (Treo L) or acrylic (Treo R).

Installation and Mounting

Suitable for suspension mounting heights of above 6 metres with suspension ring (chain required, not included). Pre-wired 1.5m flex and 3 pin plug. Reflectors twist lock and screwed in place by 3 screws.


To specify state:
High bay suspended luminaire suitable for 250/400W HIE lamps, with integral HPF control gear and 100 degree metal can auto disconnect capacitor.
As Thorn Treo M/L/R Highbay.

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Treo M/L/R Housing

Description   TypeSocketWt (kg)SAP Code
TREO 1X400W HIE FPMEE4014.0096064937