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  • Indilouver

Stylish recessed LED louvre provides enhanced lit environments through diffused light

  • Unique light reflection chamber provides a smooth brightness transition and diffused illumination
  • Stylish designed product with good aesthetics
  • Homogenous illumination with no visible light source
  • Gentle, soft and glare free for office applications

Materials and Finish

Body: white painted steel.
Diffuser: Micro-prism polystyrene plastic.
Middle Baffle: extruded aluminium.

Installation and Mounting

Suitable for recessed installation of standard exposed tee grid ceilings. Lay-in and pull-up installation possible. Electrical connection to terminal block via flap in rear of body.


To specify state:
Stylish recessed LED Louver provides a well-balanced illumination of work plane, walls and ceilings through diffused light. UGR19 office lighting compliant. Using high performance LED with HF/HFX gear, for lay-in and pull-up installation in 15/24 mm exposed tee grid ceilings.
As Thorn IndiLouver LED

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