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PPF : Project Plaster Frame

Suitable for most T-bar recessed ranges to enable installtion in plaster board ceiling

  • Choice of four sizes
  • Can accomodate most standard modular sizes
  • Simple installation in plaster ceilings
  • Rigid steel frame in white finish

Materials and Finish

White powder coated steel.

Installation and Mounting

Flush installation in most plaster ceilings using supplied multifunctional mounting accessories.


To specify state:
Recessed plaster frame for modular T-bar fittings, 1200 x 300/600, 600 x 300/600.
As Thorn PPF.

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PPF : Project Plaster Frame

Description   Wt (kg)SAP Code
PPF 1200x3000.0096648974
PPF 1200x6000.0096648975
PPF 600x3000.0096648976
PPF 600x6000.0096648977