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The Royal series consists of a high performance range of recessed fittings to suit either a T-bar or plaster ceiling

  • Option of a K12, K15 or K19 diffuser
  • Better lighting on the working plane with extremely high light output of 79%
  • Suitable for wide range of applications such as office, school rooms, computer areas, retail and many more
  • Accepts a wide range of lay in type diffusers that eliminate glare

Materials and Finish

Body: steel painted white.
Reflector: steel, white painted inside reflector.
Diffuser: acrylic.

Installation and Mounting

Suitalbe for standard 300x1200/300x600 T-bar grid and plaster ceilings


To specify state:
Recessed fluorescent luminaire with HPF control gear to suit 300x1200 exposed T-bar ceiling for 14/28W T16 or 18/36W T26 lamps. Options of a K12, K15 or K19 diffuser.
As Thorn Royal.

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Royal, Body T-bar version

Description   TypeSocketWt (kg)SAP Code
ROYAL XT 1x28W HF 12x3 FP L840FDHG56.4096041730
ROYAL XT 2x14W HF 6x3 FP L840FDHG55.3096038375
ROYAL XT 2x28W HF 12x3 FP L840FDHG56.6096038376

Royal, Complete fittings