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  • Sustain3
  • Sustain3

A new LED recessed diffuser or louvre luminaire with excellent efficiency and fully custom capability.

  • High efficiency LED fitting available on a wide range of dimensions and lumen outputs
  • Useful life L80 50,000 hours @ 25°C
  • UGR 19 capability suitable for Green Star

Installation and Mounting

For surface mounting, use MCE Kits. For plaster ceiling use PPF frame.

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Sustain3 LED - Standard

Sustain3 LED - Dimmable

Sustain3 LED - Clinical Observation Application

Sustain3 LED - Accessories

Description   Wt (kg)SAP Code
SU3 MCE 12x3 SURFACE MOUNT KIT5.5096647648
SU3 MCE 6x3 SURFACE MOUNT KIT2.3096647649