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Aerie comes in a slim or wide shape, to suit its surroundings. This means Aerie can fulfil the diverse lighting requirements of today’s urban centres, while allowing designers to achieve a unified look and feel.

Soft glow

Brand new yet timeless, Aerie creates a soft glow that appears to float weightlessly in the air, illuminating the urban space clearly yet gently. Its expertly designed, cutting-edge optics support safety, wellbeing and a calm atmosphere, while minimising obtrusive light. With a range of installation possibilities, optical options, smart control solutions and finishes, Aerie easily adapts to users’ needs.

High-tech optics

Aerie can deliver up to 8000 lm of light with colour temperatures of 2700K, 3000K or 4000K. Its optics are designed to deliver comfort, precision and performance. The soft glow is made possible by Aerie’s specially designed inner mixing chamber that carefully balances vertical and horizontal illumination, and minimises glare. Thorn’s high-performance optics achieve excellent uniformity while making sure that light goes exactly where it is needed – and nowhere else – so it complies with the latest light pollution requirements. The luminaire can be fitted with a variety of different optics, including R-PEC for asymmetrical street light distribution, or A-PEC for asymmetrical and perfect rotationally symmetric light distribution. An integrated internal louvre can reduce light emission to the back by up to 20%, and an external louvre can easily be added on-site for installation near homes.

Smart controls

Aerie brings intelligence to urban spaces through a wide range of control options including DALI, bi-power, power-line control and wireless. It is compatible with all available RF systems, and can be managed using InCity – Thorn’s intelligent outdoor lighting system. Presence detection is available and Aerie can incorporate up to two Zhaga connectors for additional functionality. Aerie also offers a number of possible mast configurations, styles, mountings and heights. Installers benefit from its lightweight construction and simple one-tool installation.

One product, countless possibilities

Corinne Delor, Global Product Category Manager Residential Areas, said: “Aerie is one product with countless possibilities. Whatever the lighting installation, there’s an Aerie to fit. Its familiar, timeless design makes it highly versatile, and we’ve equipped it with a huge range of options so it can be used in the widest possible variety of situations.”


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