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High performance discharge floodlight suitable for international sports TV broadcasting

  • Innovative patented Altis® optic offering a unique combination of photometries to meet the levels of vertical illuminance required for televised sports
  • Excellent thermal management and high protection classes ensure consistency and stability of light over time
  • Memory setting accessory to retain floodlight setting after maintenance
  • Accurate aiming with precision aiming device adjustable around frame
  • Easy to install/maintain with tool-free lamp replacement and rear access to ignitor box

Materials and Finish

Body and frame: die-cast aluminium unpainted, EN AC-47100 (equivalent to LM2).
Glass: 4mm thermally toughened, meeting requirements of AS/NZS 60598-2-5.
Wiring / ignitor box: polyamide (66 V0 Black: 20% glass fibre re-inforced).
Stirrup: unpainted galvanised steel.
Screws: stainless steel.
Visor: black aluminium.

Installation and Mounting

Stirrup fixed by a single bolt through Ø 22mm hole or 105x17mm oblong hole, or by twin bolts through Ø 15mm hole.
Ignitor box delivered with floodlight, cable gland for 8-12mm cable.
Safe rear door opening with automatic disconnection. Tool-free lamp installation and replacement.
Optional memory setting accessory available to lock aiming position. Optional visor fixed via 4 screws.
Aiming via integrated aiming sights on both sides of the floodlight, precision aiming device also available and adjustable around frame.


To specify state:
High performance floodlight with Altis® optic reflector for 1 and 2kW metal halide double ended lamps.
Tool-free door opening and lamp installation, rear access to ignitor box, memory setting accessory. IP66 (IP65 for HR versions), IK08 (IK09 body and glass), electrical class 1.
As Thorn Altis.

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