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Mundial C

  • Mundial C
  • Mundial C

A high specification, high performance discharge floodlight ideal for sports field and stadium lighting, both indoor and outdoor.

  • Choice of lamps giving flexibility in lumen package, Ra index and colour temperature
  • Easy installation and maintenance with rear access and automatic power interruption
  • Hot Restrike versions available for sports and any applications where prolonged lack of lighting is not permitted
  • Computer optimised optical systems - integrated baffle for asymmetrical distribution.

Materials and Finish

Body and frame: die-cast aluminium, unpainted.
Front glass: thermal resistant 4mm clear glass.
Stirrup: unpainted galvanised steel.
Visor and louvre: black aluminium.
Wiring box for electrical connection: polyamid.
For Hot restrike Irem version - ignitor box including timer unit: polyester.
Cable protection for cables used to connect the HR ignitor on Mundial: rigid black PVC in spiral.

Installation and Mounting

Stirrup fixed by single M20 bolt through 22mm Ø central hole, or twin bolts through 15mm Ø holes.
Cable clamp supplied for 7.5-13mm Ø flexible cable.
Gearless floodlight (geartray to be ordered separately).
Hood accessory fixed via 4 screws.


To specify state:
Standard/Hot restrike floodlight for 1/1.5/2kW linear metal halide lamps, in die-cast aluminium with asymmetric/symmetric optical system with three lamp positions (narrow, medium and wide photometric distribution). Rear access to the lamp with automatic power disconnection. IP65. Class II insulation. Class I for HR version.
As Thorn Mundial C.

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Mundial C 1 kW

Mundial C 2 kW

Description   TypeSocketWt (kg)SAP Code
<MUNDIAL 2KW S/S EXT WB WI MHN-LAMDCable16.7596012046
<MUNDIAL 2KW S/S WB WI HQITSMDCable16.0896002378
<MUNDIAL 2KW S/S WB WI MHNLAMDCable16.5496009880

Mundial C Gears

Mundial C Attachments and accessories

Description   Wt (kg)SAP Code
<MUNDIAL LV3.9296008489
<MUNDIAL VS5.0096011307