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Voyager Fit

  • Voyager Fit
  • Voyager Fit

Super compact, long-lasting, easy to use

  • Pour plus d'économies d'énergie, la détection de présence (MWS) permet d'allumer la lumière lorsque cela est nécessaire uniquement, et la version Corridor maintien l'éclairage à 10% soit en permanence (COR) soit pendant une durée limitée seulement (COZ)
  • Voyager Fit recessed is so small that it can be installed almost anywhere with very little impact on ceilings. And because it only requires an 80 mm ceiling void, even buildings with limited space can benefit from the latest in LED emergency lighting
  • Voyager Fit surface is available in two heights. Slim for rear cable entry and standard for side or rear cable entry. With two colour options Voyager Fit is a flexible solution for many applications
  • Grâce aux verres interchangeables de Voyager Fit, vous pouvez facilement obtenir la distribution lumineuse dont vous avez besoin pour votre système d’éclairage de secours. Les verres s’enclenchent simplement en place.

Matériaux et finition

Luminaire housing made of white or black polycarbonate, lenses made of transparent polycarbonate, recessed versions with red rubber strap for battery connection.

Installation et montage

Voyager Fit recessed can be installed directly from the box into a wide range of ceiling types including thicknesses from 1mm – 25mm.
The surface mounted versions coming with 2 housing heights: 32mm only in case where the installation cable comes from the back. Equipped with a detachable connector which allows an easy and convenient pre-wiring via push-fit terminal block.


To specify state:
Self contained emergency luminaire for recessed or surface mounting in ceilings with interchangeable lenses for most flexible optimized illumination for escape, antipanic and spot lighting. Only 80 mm ceiling voids necessary for the recessed version and small dimensions for unobtrusive installation. Manual, selftest or selftest/addressable - version capability. Equipped with LiFePo battery technology.
As Thorn Voyager Fit.

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Voyager Fit encastré

Voyager Fit Surface

Description   TypePoids (kg)Code SAP
Voyager FIT MSC E3 NM BKLED0.3096670372
Voyager FIT MSC E3 NM WHLED0.3096670371
Voyager FIT MSC E3D NM BKLED0.3096670380
Voyager FIT MSC E3D NM WHLED0.3096670379
Voyager FIT MSC E3T NM BKLED0.3096670376
Voyager FIT MSC E3T NM WHLED0.3096670375
Voyager FIT MSC slim E3 NM BKLED0.2796670374
Voyager FIT MSC slim E3 NM WHLED0.2796670373
Voyager FIT MSC slim E3D NM BKLED0.2796670382
Voyager FIT MSC slim E3D NM WHLED0.2796670381
Voyager FIT MSC slim E3T NM BKLED0.2796670378
Voyager FIT MSC slim E3T NM WHLED0.2796670377