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The name really says it all. Champion is a true standout, both for its superb lighting performance as well as its excellent spill light control. Standout also aptly describes its broad applications range and ease of installation. Champion is an ideal fit for many types of refurbishment projects – first and foremost, for sports training facilities and small stadiums, but also wide-ranging industrial, transportation and other sites.

Superb lighting quality and versatility

Champion incorporates quality optics and unique “flat glass” technology to provide excellent, spot-on illuminance uniformity. To flexibly accommodate individual lighting installation designs, Champion can be equipped with any of three different visors that distribute the light at a 55°, 60° or 65° angle respectively. These are available in two versions: an anthracite painted visor (VSP) for Lambertian reflectance and a high-reflectivity material visor (VSR) for specular reflection. With the VSP visor, Champion produces up to 112,704 lumens of extraordinary brightness, with the VSR version even up to 116,429 lumens.

Solid light pollution protection

As lighting installations become more and more commonplace at smaller recreational sports venues around the world, there is a growing need for technologies capable of mitigating the adverse effects artificial light can have on the immediate surroundings and the night sky. Champion addresses that challenge head on with a variety of key features aimed at effectively keeping spill light, glare and artificial sky glow to a minimum.

For starters, Champion has an excellent Upward Light Ratio (ULR) rating, the measure used to calculate the maximum permitted percentage of light that may be emitted by a luminaire or lighting installation at or above the horizontal. When mounted at a “0 tilt” angle, it prevents all light from being emitted directly upward. Champion’s front glass is inclined inside the floodlight. The front of the body serves as a cowl, fully shielding the light emitting surface parallel to the ground. Together with its superb optics and flat glass technology, the light is focused forward at a defined cut-off with an asymmetric distribution, thereby greatly reducing both sky glow and obtrusive light.

Durable, wind-resistant design

The weight and windage of the selected products, also their suitability for existing and proposed mounting structures, play an important role when planning a floodlight project. Champion was specifically designed with these factors in mind. Rugged, compact, moisture and shatterproof, it provides up to 100,000 hours of operation, even in inclement weather. Mounted horizontally to the ground, Champion has a very low windage area (SCx) of 0.196 m² to significantly reduce wind resistance.

Championing all levels of competition

Sports lighting installations must fulfil a variety of requirements with respect to illuminance levels, uniformity, glare restrictions and the colour properties of the light sources used. In Europe, EN 12193 defines lighting requirements for three different classes or levels of sports competition. Additional lighting quality and colour rendering standards apply to sports venues that broadcast events in HDTV or 4K.

Whatever the level of competition, Champion is well up to the task. It scores 90+ on the TLCI (Television Lighting Consistency Index) scale, which is used to accurately measure the TV lighting quality and real colour values of athletes and illuminated scenes. Available in 3000K, 4000K and 5700K colour temperatures, it provides crystal clear, flicker-free lighting to capture all the action.

Quite the light show

In fact, Champion has everything that’s needed to put on quite a show. Each unit comes with a compact control gearbox to provide superb, flicker-free lighting performance at the push of a button. What’s more, it can be fully controlled over DALI2 and DMX RDM to allow for stepped illumination levels as well as event and dynamic lighting scenarios.

Excellent efficiency

Champion is well-suited for wide-ranging refurbishment projects as well as new installations – at multi-sports halls, outdoor training and recreational facilities, small stadiums, various industrial and transportation sites, airport aprons and more. Whatever the task, it delivers outstanding lighting performance as well as excellent efficiency. Champion is capable of reducing energy consumption by up to 37% as compared to conventional lighting solutions – even more, when combined with appropriate control solutions. That translates to a substantial reduction in CO2 emissions over the lifetime of the luminaire.

Safe and simple installation

When installing and maintaining a high-powered floodlight mounted atop a lighting column, safety and simplicity are greatly appreciated. The compact, IP66 design with improved thermal management makes Champion very convenient to work with. As a complete lighting solution for both outdoor and indoor spaces, it is easily configured for a range of column mountings and heights.

Christophe Leromain, Global Product Category Manager Sports & Industry, said “With the neighbouring residential area located so close to our sports facility, we were specifically looking for a floodlight that would also minimise spill light. We couldn’t have made a better choice than the LED version of Champion– both in terms of spill light control and lighting quality.” 



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