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The IP66 Aquaforce Pro sets a new standard for moisture and dust-resistant LED lighting

  • Damp and dusty conditions: IP66 rated luminaire stands against dust and powerful jets of water. It's unique Drip-Edge-Effect stops dirt and moisture from gathering on the luminaire
  • Smart light distribution: Available with a choice of light distributions, with high levels of illumination from the minimum number of luminaires. Cutting-edge light transmission technology with refraction prisms provides smooth light without sharp edges
  • Wireless communication: Can be controlled individually or in groups by presence or light sensors, and luminaires can even connect to each other wirelessly, for sophisticated control without the need to install any new cabling
  • Fit for refurbishment: With a wide range of lumen outputs, up to 8.000 lm, the luminaire is powerful enough to serve as a one-for-one replacement for 2x58W or 2x49W luminaires and with efficiency as high as 141lm/W, the potential savings are significant
  • Simple mounting: Simple to install, use and maintain. Long mounting sliders make for easy installation, while our unique EasyClick mechanism allows simple, snap-on mounting, and seven different wiring possibilities are available

Materials and Finish

Canopy: light grey polycarbonate.
Diffuser: polycarbonate, high transmission opal diffuser, combining scattering effects inside material with refraction prisms. High impact strength, UV-resistant.

Installation and Mounting

Patented snap-on mechanism EasyClick for rapid, clipless mounting and opening of diffuser. Approved for indoor use or in canopied outdoor areas. Extended mounting slots for highest on site flexibility.
Surface: suitable for direct surface or BESA mounting. 10 cable entry options at 5 different positions. Quick-fix brackets supplied for surface mounting. Suitable for ceiling and wall mounting (both vertically and horizontally).
Chain suspension: mounting kits for conduit, chain suspension and catenary suspension are available as accessories.
Trunking mounting possible thanks to quick-fix brackets.
Suitable for through wiring with H05VV or NYM cable (rated current 10A) or alternatively IN/OUT wiring at one end.


To specify state:
IP66 LED moisture proof luminaire: protection against dust and powerful jets of water. Electronic, fixed output or DALI dimmable control gear. Class I electrical. Medium-beam (MB) light distribution or wide-beam (WB) light distribution, specially adapted for the new norm “Lighting in public car-parks” (DIN 67528) (WB). Patented Drip Edge Effect for limiting dirt deposits on diffuser. 3000K / 4000K; CRI>80; lifetime L80@50.000 hours. High efficiency up to 141 lm/W; UGR<25. Designed for BESA installation. Dimensions: 1100 x 90 x 90 mm (2.900, 4.300 and 5.200 lm and Weight: 1,7 kg) or 1600 x 90 x 90 mm (4.300, 6.400 and 8.000 lm and Weight: 2,1 kg). With control systems, MWS, MWCF, MWRF, RF. Available also with quick connect and built-in through wiring (integral loop-in/loop-out wiring: 5 x 2.5 mm² + 2 x 1.5 mm²). Nominal power: from 21W to 62W. Complies with the requirements of international food industry standards. Chromaticity tolerance between multiple luminaires of up to 3 MacAdam ellipses.
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