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Glacier II

  • Glacier II
  • Glacier II

Modern and efficient decorative LED pendant luminaire with high lumen packages

  • High performance (91-124lm/W) decorative luminaire offers an efficient alternative to traditional HID (up to 150W) pendants
  • Available in two sizes and two colours
  • A choice of 4 reflectors to fit a wide range of applications
  • Ceiling rose in same design to complete the look
  • Contus trunking compatibility through optional adapter accessory

Materials and Finish

Housing: die-cast aluminium with satin grey/black finish
Reflector: polycarbonate prismatic, glass prismatic, opal glass or grey/black spun aluminium
Suspension wire: braided steel
Ceiling rose (to be ordered separately): die-cast aluminium with satin grey/black finish and white plastic
Contus adapter (to be ordered separately): pre-coated roll form steel, white (similar to RAL9016)

Installation and Mounting

Suspension: adjustable quick-lock 2.5m single wire suspension (supplied). Similar length of pre-installed braided flame retardant silicon cable 5x0.75mm² (6x0.75mm² for E3). Ceiling rose option (ordered separately) 2x5x2.5mm² terminal block.
Contus trunking: using the Contus adapter accessory (ordered separately).


To specify state:
Large decorative LED pendant in two sizes with die cast aluminium housing on single wire suspension. With polycarbonate prismatic/glass prismatic/opal glass/grey/black spun aluminium reflector. Lumen output from 3000-9500 lumens, efficacy 91-124lm/W, CRI>80.
As Thorn Glacier II LED.

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Glacier II, aluminium reflector

Glacier II, aluminium reflector, basicDIM

Glacier II, prismatic glass reflector

Glacier II, prismatic glass reflector, basicDIM

Glacier II, opal glass reflector

Glacier II, opal glass reflector, basicDIM

Glacier II, prismatic polycarbonate reflector

Glacier II, prismatic polycarbonate reflector, basicDIM

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