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  • Candle

A slim sparkling lighting column for parks and building surrounds application

  • Great lighting comfort with prismatic filter for a sparkling effect
  • Respectful of the environment with warm color temperature and reduced upward lighting <1% with dedicated optics WSC, RSC, CST
  • A unique design identity with a discreet luminaire mounted on a dedicated 160mm column (to be ordered separately)
  • Part of the CANDLE family

Materials and Finish

Canopy: die cast aluminium (EN AC-44300)
Finish: powder coated anthracite textured grey 900 (close to RAL7043). ) Via the configurator: Texturized light grey (GY), Black (BK) and 48 other RAL possibilities.
Bowl: UV stabilised polycarbonate clear
Standard corrosion class C5 according to ISO 9223: 2012.

Installation and Mounting

Mounting on a dedicated 160mm column 3 or 4 meters height (to be ordered separately). Pre-wired for ease of installation. Maintenance of gear tray at the base of the luminaire.


A discreet post top lantern to be mounted on dedicated column. A low upward lighting emission with dedicated optics. Can be equipped with a prismatic filter creating a unique sparkling lighting signature.
Bi-power switch (BS)/ DALI2 (HFX) / Bi Power Line (BPL) / Multi Layer dimming (MLD1)
As Thorn Candle

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DescriptionLuminaire power (W)Luminaire output (lm)   TypeWt (kg)SAP Code
CN 18L105 730 RSC CL1 W3 ANT595914LED4.8996679086
CN 18L105 730 RSC CL2 W3 ANT595914LED4.8496679082
CN 18L25 730 RSC CL1 W3 ANT151717LED4.8996679083
CN 18L25 730 RSC CL2 W3 ANT151717LED4.8496679079
CN 18L50 730 RSC CL1 W3 ANT283196LED4.8996679084
CN 18L50 730 RSC CL2 W3 ANT283196LED4.8496679080
CN 18L70 730 RSC CL1 W3 ANT394273LED4.8996679085
CN 18L70 730 RSC CL2 W3 ANT394273LED4.8496679081

Candle, columns

Description   Wt (kg)SAP Code