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  • Plurio

Family of post top lanterns with a wide range of styles and performance features, including avoiding obtrusive light

  • Multifacetted optic versions give outstanding illuminance and uniformity
  • Canopy avoids obtrusive light (ULOR down to 0% with ULOR 0% accessory). Aluminium lampshield (120°) for 'residential' cut-off available
  • Glare avoidance with use of prisms on clear bowl
  • Sealed to IP66 with aluminium canopy

Materials and Finish

Canopies, base and optic: aluminium
Optics: aluminium multifacetted reflector
Bowl: UV stabilized polycarbonate clear with anti glare prisms
Powder coating: silver grey textured (close to RAL 9006)

Lampshade 120 made of anodized aluminium, ULOR 0% accessory made of aluminium with mat black finish

Installation and Mounting

Post top mounting. Spigot: Ø60mm, length: 75mm. Recommended height 3/4m. Dedicated range of columns and brackets. Access to lamp and gear via 3 screws below the bowl.


To specify state:
IP66 post top decorative aluminium lantern for 70-100W high pressure sodium or metal halide lamps, 57W compact fluorescent, powder coated silver grey finish, with multifacetted aluminium optics.
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Original canopy, Facetted reflector

Description   TypeSocketWt (kg)SAP Code
PLURIO OR 100W HID 230V CL1 ECL D60ST/MTE408.9796253963
PLURIO OR 57W TC-TEL CL2 ECLFSMGX24q-57.3796253921
PLURIO OR 70W HIDE CL1 ECL D60ST/MTE277.9796253960

Round canopy, Facetted reflector

Description   TypeSocketWt (kg)SAP Code
PLURIO RR 100W HID 230V CL1 ECL D60ST/MTE408.9796253961
PLURIO RR 57W TC-TEL CL2 ECLFSMGX24q-57.3796253919
PLURIO RR 70W HIDE CL1 ECL D60ST/MTE277.9796253958


Description   Wt (kg)SAP Code
PLURIO LAMP SHIELD 120°0.5096254524
PLURIO ULOR 0%0.3096254523