Smooth traffic flows, safety and cost savings are the main priorities when deciding for the right street lighting. Thanks to smart street lighting with integrated controls, advanced optics and future proof technology, urban lighting needs can easily be adapted and updated. Our wide range of product families allow cities to manage, maintain, and monitor their lighting simply and efficiently.


Cavalcavia dell'Affrico, Italy

Low level lighting for the high road


Garden Street Area, Sheffield, UK

Sheffield City Council enjoys better light using less energy with Oxane road lanterns


Öresund Bridge and Malmö CityTunnel

Victor lanterns were chosen for the Öresund Bridge, which spans the narrow stretch of sea between Denmark and Sweden.


Farsund by-pass, Norway

Thorn’s Gotthard and Civic luminaires are lighting the way across the new Farsund city by-pass


Polkowice, Poland

Indra first in Poland


Cadriano, Italy

IVS lighting system helps to improve pedestrian safety in Cadriano

Chifeng Bridge, China

Chifeng Bridge, Tianjin, China

Orus’ FlatBeam technology transforms Chifeng Bridge

Cheung Pei Shan, Hong Kong

Cheung Pei Shan, Hong Kong

Noise barriers at Cheung Pei Shan road fitted with GT7824E

The Thorn Experience – Durham County Council

The Thorn Experience – Durham County Council

A partnership spanning more than 50 years, based on trust and innovation

Troja Bridge, Czech Republic

Troja Bridge, Czech Republic

Dramatic lighting effects help create a new iconic bridge over the Vltava River.