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Royal Modular

  • Royal Modular

Flexible with style: slim profile with remote driver

  • Flexible and ready to adapt, supplied with all components including Flex and Plug, a perfect solution for your refurbishment
  • Life: L80 70,000hrs at 25°C (L70 >60,000hrs at 50°C meeting Public School specification)
  • Suitable for UGR19 requirements
  • Supplied with Tridonic driver fixed output or DALI dimming
  • Emergency Lighting (E2) version, Sensor (HFS) version, Bluetooth (BC) wireless version and Air Handling (AH) version available upon request for specific project
  • Custom sizes and specific accessories available upon request for specialised project
  • LED light source and LED driver easily replaceable for maintenance

Materials and Finish

Body: white painted steel with LED source within a white painted aluminium frame.
Diffuser: micro-prismatic diffuser.

Installation and Mounting

Suitable for recessed mounting in T-bar. Pre-wired 1.5m flex & plug.


To specify state:
Recessed, Surface mounted modular luminaire with high performance design and total system efficiency above 115lm/W. UGR19*. Tridonic driver.
As Thorn Royal Modular.

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Royal Modular

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