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Recuvo C

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  • Recuvo C
  • Recuvo C

Clean room luminaire, suitable for industrial, healthcare and educational installations

  • Hygienically designed with a slot-in frame and PC cover for easy cleaning, safe IP protection, chemical resistance and impact resistance
  • Provides ingress protection of the room with additional gasket on the back of the body frame
  • Micro-pyramidal optic for proper glare control
  • Accurate light quality for demanding visual tasks, high CRI (Ra>90 and R9>75) and COI compliant

Materials and Finish

Body: welded steel, painted white.
Frame: innovative slot-in frame secured to the body via magnetic system. No visible screws. Painted white.
Optics : Polycarbonate

Installation and Mounting

Suitable for plasterboard recessed ceiling mounting. Plug-and-play flex and plug 3-pin (HF) or 5-pin (HFI) included. Other plug types available on request.
Installation and access from below.


To specify state:
Cleanroom luminaire for recessed ceiling mounting in square or rectangular shapes with lumen output up to 6000lm, CRI>90, 4000K, COI<3.3. Glare control with UGR<19. Slot-in frame secured with magnets for sustained hygiene in clean rooms and labs.
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Recuvo C IP44, fixed output

Recuvo C IP44, dimmable

Recuvo C IP65, fixed output

Recuvo C IP65, dimmable

Recuvo C, accessories

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SUCTION CUP0.1020935455