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Next generation of Sustain family is an office luminaire features intelligent characteristics in key areas as optic, control and flexibility

  • Optics: Innovative multiple layer microprismatic film optic offers excellent uniformity and glare control, the clever optics enhance illuminance on faces and walls to encourage a comfortable and communicative working environment.
  • Controls: Our remote gear design allows you to create flexible control systems suited to your needs. Wireless solution controlled via App with Bluetooth® 4.x - basicDim Wireless. Also available are integrated PIR and microwave sensors.
  • Flexibility: A new slim body design that allows greater variation to output, control integration, performance and overall aesthetics.

Materials and Finish

Frame and end caps: polycarbonate
Diffuser: polycarbonate multiple layer microprismatic film optic.
Body: highly reflective steel coffer and aluminium designed heatsink

Installation and Mounting

Suitable for lay in ceilings, with accessory suitable for surface mounting or plasterboard installations.


To specify state:
A deep set ceiling recessed LED luminaire. Electronic DALI dimmable control gear as standard. The aluminium extrusion can be fitted with return air handling slots and baffles. The sheet metal body is finished in a white painted and houses a unique dual layer curved microprismatic diffuser within a linear profile. The Sustain Pro is complete with CRI90 COI approved LED’s.
As Thorn Sustain Pro.

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Sustain Pro